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Friends Only

This journal is mostly FRIENDS ONLY.

Let's pretend this is an answering machine. You leave a message, and I'll get back to you. Either we'll 'hook up' (if you will), or just part ways. Look, no offence. I'm sure you're great. I'm just too lazy to deal with drama/hassle.

Comment, and we'll see.

Cry For You [False PV]

I don't know how maany people know of this Japanese group Arashi, but this fan-made video is priceless.

You must watch.

Available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZWldom1ges

Jan. 23rd, 2006

I'm so depressed over the election results I've finished a pack of those strawberry wafer bars.

I also gave in and joined MySpace. What's the world coming to?

Time to open the second package.



Here's a bunch of songs which for one reason or another I've found myself in love with going "OMFG IT'S AMAZING!" A lot of them are...out there. But I've always found random to be good.

bloody hell, 30-something songs under cutCollapse )

I'm never doing one of these posts ever again.


Want a card?

Okay, yes.

It's that time of year again. So, to make this post short, as I have an essay to write, if you want a Christmas/Holiday card, leave your address below (comments are screened) or send me it at magician.sakura@gmail.com and I shall write you one and mail it. Hopefully before the end of the year.


Oh Carla how I missed thee.

We used to have tons of late-night convos. And then summer came along.

Screen caps of our convo, cause i'm just lazy like that; dial-up warningCollapse )

And then i stopped with the capping, cause I just stopped caring. How apt.

In which Johnny Lang is accused of being a fruit and much turmoil ensuesCollapse )
At which point Carla seems to have lost my logic.

I had more to write, but I'm just not aware enough for it.

P.S. this is incredibly selfish of me right now when there's so much other shit going on in the world, but mosquitoes this summer are kicking my ass.

taken from azn_angel0086

2005-04-09 - Everybody living in Canada should go and visit the Petition for User's-Rights which will explain how to stand-up to your government and let them know how you feel about the upcoming changes to Canadian laws regarding the DMCA and the copying and sharing of music. Right now it is LEGAL in Canada to download music from P2P. But they plan to change that, dont let them and tell them about it, everyone should visit the link! *points below*


Feb. 3rd, 2005

I just shot my brother with my banana. but he deserved it. he threw it at me. banana guns are dangerous.

oh how i hate essay writing. someone shoot me now. only with a real gun tho, not a banana. cause that would be just dumb. like spelling 'just' jsut.

I'm so happy!!!!

YAY! So I went out with friend of mine today from english class, and we hit this small little book store (she needed to buy a text for class). And it just so happened that they sell movies and dvds as well.

Point: I am now a proud owner of The Boondock Saints. *sniffles* I'm soooo happeeeee....

Then again, it's vhs, and when we crossed the street to the HMV (music/video store) I saw they were selling it on dvd as one of those 2 for 22$ specials. Along with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Damn.


Oh, sod off...




bobble hat

You can also try your search for "tuques" on the web.

Heh. Now we have our own type of English. How amusing. Also, there's a place in Guebec with the name of La Tuque. Now, why would you name your town after a hat? The logic escapes me. Unless you wish to have warm fuzzt thoughts all winter whenever you hear the name of your town...

[Christina where are you?!]

(Did you know its hard to find pictures of tuques on the internet? Oh, wait. I stand corrected. Just none of them are the quintessential Canadian tuque, pom-pom and all...)